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Ontario MOL Issues Alert for Construction Projects - Falling Ice Hazard

This alert arises from a recent fatality where a worker was struck by ice that fell from an excavation wall.

General contractors and employers should take note from this alert.  

The purpose of this alert is intended to increase awareness regarding potential hazards associated with falling ice and other material(s) that may slide, roll or fall upon a worker. 

In particular, I would ask readers to take special note of the following construction regulation requirements:

Section 232 (1)
The walls of an excavation shall be stripped of loose rock or other material that may slide, roll or fall upon a worker.

This would include the accumulation of ice.

Section 14 (3)
A supervisor or a competent person appointed by the supervisor shall inspect all machinery and equipment...buildings and other structures, temporary supports and means of access and egress at the project to ensure they do not endanger any worker.

Section 34(1)
If material may fall on a worker, overhead protection shall be provided
(a) at every means of access to and egress from a building or other structure under construction; and
(b) above every area where work is being carried out.

Section 72
A work area, a route to and from a work area and a scaffold platform on which work is being performed shall be maintained at all times in a condition that does not endanger workers and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing,
(a) shall be kept clear of obstructions
(b) shall be kept clear of snow, ice or other slippery material; and
(c) shall be treated with sand or similar material when necessary to ensure a firm footing

I would encourage all readers to review, inspect and apply appropriate controls on their particular job site(s) for similar and related hazards -whether it be ice accumulation or other materials or objects that could fall on a worker below.

For more information on this MOL Alert please click HERE.  

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