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When is the Employer Entitled to the Worker's Report of Injury / Illness (Form 6)?

Our office often receives a number of inquiries regarding the Worker's Report of Injury / Illness (Form 6) as to when a worker is required to complete the Form 6, and when the employer is to receive a copy of the Form 6 from the worker.

The importance of the Form 6 should not be underestimated.  The Form 6 is the Form approved by the Board that documents the relevant claim facts reported by the worker.

What is a Form 6?

The Form 6 is a WSIB document that spells out the worker's rendition of events (e.g. accident history) when claiming WSIB benefits. In many ways it's a mirror image of the Employer's Report of Injury / Disease Form 7.

The Form 6 states clearly that the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act requires the worker to give a copy of the Form 6 to the employer.  There is a similar obligation on the Form 7 requiring the employer to provide a copy of the Form 7 to the worker.

Who provides the Form 6?

Under most conditions a Form 6 is either mailed to the worker by WSIB or can be completed on-line.  However, time is critical here.  Most employer's will only receive a copy of the Form 6 long after the claim has been allowed, and often only provided to the employer during the appeal process. In such conditions, it may be to late to contest a questionable claim.

Why should the employer request the Form 6? How soon should you request the Form 6 from the worker?

The law is clear on this matter.  A worker is required to provide a copy of the Form 6 to the employer at the time the claim is given to the Board. 

Since the Board has a very quick timeline on accepting or rejecting a worker's claim for benefits, our office recommends downloading the Form 6 from the WSIB website and have the worker complete this Form on their own at the time of reporting a claim to WSIB. 

Discrepancies reported by the worker on the Form 6 must be brought to the attention and addressed with the Board immediately; and if at all possible prior to any decision on entitlement.

Where can you obtain a copy of the Form 6?
You can download a copy here.

For further information please contact Greg Sathmary at (613) 260-0600.

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